SQL Relay Cardiff Awesome Employers

This year for SQL Relay Cardiff, we want to recognise the companies who are willing to invest heavily in their staff by putting them on the Awesome Employers list.

How to get on the list

Any company with 5 employees or more going to the Cardiff event will be automatically put on the list.

If you’ve got less than 5 IT staff and send them all we’ll put you on the list too – because frankly, it’s even more awesome! Just let us know as we can’t tell this from the volume of attendees.

What’s the benefit

Companies meeting the criteria will go on the Awesome Employers list. This’ll be posted around the venue on the day. We’ll also have a booth where we can put some promo materials from these companies. So if you’ve got some stickers, mugs, fliers, or some posters about job’s fairs, vacancies etc, you can send them to me, or even bring them along yourself and hang out at the booth!

What next

If you’re attending (or considering attending), convince your boss to allow colleagues or even themselves to come along. Not only does this give you access to free training from fantastic speakers, but it lets hordes of local techies know that your company invests in their staff.

Do put your boss in touch with us if they’d like to discuss things.

Find out more and register for SQL Relay Cardiff, October 4th, on bit.ly/SQLRelay2016Cardiff

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