4th August 2016

Silver sponsors


  • ASAP – [All] Company info provided
  • Aug 15th – [SGP] Venues and dates chosen
  • Aug 22nd – [GP] Marketing message provided
  • Aug 31st – [GP] Sponsor session details submitted to site
  • Sep 22nd – [All] Items that are to go to the events should be received by us by this date

Fun Bus

Each year we have a Fun Bus for transporting speakers and kit between venues. Usually, a single sponsor covers the cost for this. Sponsor employees are allowed to make use of the Fun Bus but we request some contribution is made to the Fun Bus – this can be in the form of beer or snacks!

Company info

We want to promote your company as much as we can. For that, we need information and art assets from you.

  • On the homepage, we use your logo (white or transparent background), company URL, and social links (Fb, Li, T) so please provide us with these.
  • Logos will also be used on banners so we need a high-res version of the logo. Ideally, this should be a vector graphic.
  • Each sponsor gets a page on our site that includes the company info, a bio, and links to some useful resources. Please supply the bio (up to 150 words) and links.

Marketing collateral

You can give us flyers, whitepapers etc to put in the swag bag. We’ll need a thousand of each insert provided. The maximum amount of different inserts you can give us depends on sponsorship level:

  • Supporter – 1 item
  • Bronze – 1 item
  • Silver – 2 items
  • Gold – 4 items
  • Premier – 5 items

We all know that getting these read by attendees and not just binned can be a challenge. Our take on things that make attendees more likely to read or make use of the marketing materials is to have the materials low on text and have a strong call to action for an online resource.


Various bits and pieces need to be sent to us and/or back to you.

Please send stuff to us at:
FAO Alex Whittles
Purple Frog
48 Walker Street, The Studio
Wellington, Telford

We send things to you via Recorded Delivery, especially as one of the things we’ll send you is our attendees entries to your competition! Please let us know who should be the FAO contact and what address we should send items to so that they safely get to you.


Sponsors are of course welcome to attend the events and submit technical talks that don’t market their company. Wearing company tshirts etc. is fine, but unless you have booth space at a given venue we request that you do not try to take up exhibitor space or otherwise cramp the style of sponsors who have paid to be on-site.


We keep a bit of room in the sponsor offerings to allow people to add extras that tailor a company’s engagement with attendees, according to budget and strategy. Sponsors can add on extras like popup banners at location(s), booth space, webinars, providing branded lanyards etc. If you see something you like from a section below that interests you, get in touch.


Event details

Details of all the relevant locations, access times, and recommended hotels can be found this page.


Everyone gets to give us a goody to put in people’s bags – we’ll need a thousand items for all the bags and we can do one of two things with the leftovers:

  1. Distribute amongst user groups for secondary benefits
  2. Send them back to you for you to use elsewhere


Competitions occur at each event. Attendees provide QR slips with details on and a winner is drawn at the end of the day for each sponsor that provided a prize for that venue. The five prizes should have something physical to give away to each winner. If something like a license or an Amazon voucher is being given away and requires action from the sponsor – we must have something to give away on-site that includes the steps the winner needs to take to redeem the prize directly from the sponsor.

Competition data

The competitions garner opted-in attendee data. Data contained in the QR code includes the individual’s name, company name, email address, telephone number (where provided), their field of work and seniority level, and which event the slip is from.

Normally we will gather the entries and post these after the events via recorded delivery (please see the deliveries section). If a sponsor is on-site at all events they can choose to take their slips at the end of the day. We don’t recommend this unless the same employee is at all events to ensure continuity.

The entry slips will need a QR scanner to be read. We recommend that you usescan.me as it has apps for most devices and the details sync to a history section on the site, enabling a mass download of data in the form of a CSV. The exact format of the data can change, but if it requires transformations we’ll provide an Excel helper file – so come back later for that.


All sponsors at Silver or higher may give us a banner to be put up at the five events. These should ideally be a small popup or roller banner. Variations are allowed but we will be transporting these and volunteers assembling them so the smaller the space they take up and the easier to assemble, the better.

If you would like the banner back after the event, please provide us with a delivery address.

Please note that this benefit does not entitle a sponsor to fixed space in the exhibition area. It is intended to provide a brand presence without staffing requirements. Sponsors are of course welcome to attend the events (see  attending).


Silver sponsors may select one of the events to have a booth at (we need to know this ASAP), Gold & Premier sponsors get booths at all locations.

Silver sponsors may assign themselves tot he Silver slot of a venue. They are assigned on a first come, first served basis. Spaces can be reserved using this booking spreadsheet.

Exact dimensions of booth space can vary by event but we typically provide a 6ft trestle type table, a 4-way extension cable (although it’s always wise to bring your own!), a tub for competition entries, and a chair or two. Sponsors are expected to provide their own table cloths, banners, and stands. Sponsors are usually allowed up to an extra 4ft of space to put banners up on the sides of their booth.

Please note that we cannot provide AV equipment, TV rental etc is a common request but because we’re only at each venue for a day it’s not something we can facilitate.

Sponsors are usually allowed to be on-site from 07:30 for putting the exhibit up, and must usually be offsite by 18:00. Space in the sponsor hall is allocated on a first come, first served basis so it pays to be on time to have the pick of the spots.