2nd July 2015


Awesome SQL conferences, on your doorstep

SQL Relay was set up in 2011 to raise more awareness of the UK SQL Server community. Starting off with a flotilla of user groups, over the years it’s evolved into an 5-day rollicking ride around the country, bringing the excellent speakers to the community.

We’re working to support the needs of the SQL community. This means a broadening of topics into cloud and analytics, it means including talks from “help, I’m an accidental XXX” to “Super intense performance internals of YYY”.


Our primary focus is to keep making high quality training available and most importantly accessible.

Our annual events are free and run during the week, in office hours, and as close to public transport links as we can get them. This makes it really convenient for most people to attend. No training budget approvals, no expense forms, and no impinging on your home life.

We do appreciate however that we can’t get to every city, and that people do have lives that can clash with our preferred choice of dates so we are expanding our online activities so people can learn when it’s convenient.

By the community, for the community

SQL Relay is organised by user group leaders, speakers, and active community members. Volunteers one and all, each person is intent on making helping out the folks in the community. If you’re not already a regular at your local user group, or other SQL activities, we hope you’ll be convinced to by attending a SQL Relay event. Afterall, we’re a mixed bunch of DBAs, BI folks, developers, and analytics peeps, who were all convinced about how awesome our attendees and the community in general is.

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