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30. Oct. 2014, 08:30
30. Oct. 2014, 17:30
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Cardinal Place
United Kingdom

The 5th instalment of SQL Relay is heading your way in October 2014!

SQL Relay will be coming back to London on Thursday 30th October for the grand finale of the 2014 relay. Featuring top quality SQL Server content from Microsoft, and nationally and internationally renowned speakers.

We will have two tracks; {Dev, DBA} and {BI, Data Platform}, providing in depth tips and tricks for your SQL Server environment, as well as showing how to 'Accelerate your Insights' on the BI track.

With over 1000 registrations on the last Relay, reserve your place quickly


08:30 09:00 Registration
09:00 09:30 Keynote: Anthony Saxby - Microsoft  
09:30 10:30 David Williams; 
SQL Server 2014 New Features (not Hekaton!)

10:30 10:45 Break
    Dev/DBA Track 
BI Track 
10:45 11:45 Christian Bolton;
Understanding Parallelism
Alex Whittles;
Using PowerPivot and DAX to predict and win Fantasy F1
11:50 12:20 Sponsor Session: Violin Sponsor Session: Pure
12:20 13:00 Lunch and Prize Giving
13:00 14:00

David Morrison; 
Dave's SQL Fun Time Hour 

James Boother;
Introduction to Power BI websites
14:00 14:15 Break
14:15 15:15 Scott Klein;
SQL Server 20014 Hybrid Cloud Features  

Alessandro Recino;
BigData for SQL DBA's

15:20 16:20 Claire Mora;
T-SQL Performance Issues : What you should know to find and resolve them
Sameer Parve;
Business Insight: Structure data in relational databases
16:30 17:30 Tobiasz Koprowski;
SQL Azure from Plan, to Backup to Cloud
Matt Dowle;
Fast and Flexible Data Wrangling with Data.Table in R


Session Details:

DBA / Dev

Scott Klein - SQL Server 2014 Hybrid Cloud Features
Microsoft SQL Server 2014 brings to market new capabilities to simplify cloud adoption and help you unlock new hybrid scenarios. This demo-filled session will highlight these features and show how you can use these features to lower your TCO and help manage your mission-critical applications by leveraging the cloud to provide new disaster recovery and backup solutions. In this session we will look at 5 great hybrid scenarios that are made possible by both great new features as well as enhanced features of SQL Server 2014. We’ll not only look how to use and implement these hybrid features, but also look at look at and discuss scenarios around why you would use these hybrid cloud features to expand your on-premises options without adding complexity. We’ll look at how you can easily move workloads from your datacenter to Windows Azure while still maintaining a complete view of your infrastructure with increased proficiency and reduced cost.

Christian Bolton - Understanding Parallelism
In this session you'll learn how and why SQL Server chooses parallel operations, how to investigate what's going on when you see the CXPACKET wait type, and whether your parallel query is running as efficiently as it could be.

David Williams - SQL Server 2014 New Features (not Hekaton!)
- Backup Enhancement (Azure, Encryption)
- Partition Switching and Indexing
- Managing the lock priority of online operations
- Columnstore indexes (updatable, Archival data compression)
- Incremental Statistics
- Security Enhancements
- AlwaysOn enhancements
- Buffer pool extension onto SSDs
- Resource Governor enhancements for physical IO
- Improved optimizer with new costings

David Morrison - Daves SQL Fun Time Hour
In this one hour session we'll take a look at a very eclectic list of TSQL and SQL Server related, tips, tricks and misconceptions. From smart bits of SQL coding, to lesser used functions like GROUP BY SETS, right through to looking at SARGability and query simplification.

In this fun and fast paced session lots of demos and examples will be used to illustrate the points being made and attendees will leave the session having gained a least a few valuable nuggets that they will be able to put into practice right away.

Claire Mora - T-SQL Performance Issues: What you should to find and resolve.
Finding and resolving T-SQL performance issues can be a time consuming and mentally challenging battle so being fully aware of the surrounding environment is essential to emerging victorious in a fairly unruffled state.
This talk gives you an insight into how to prepare your environment, what tools are at your disposal, common causes , what should be in your library of techniques and how to effectively test your solution.
Follows on from the Divide and Conquer article published on SQL Server Central 2014/04/07

Tobiasz Koprowski -  SQL Azure from Plan, to Backup, to Cloud.
Microsoft released SQL Azure more than two years ago - that's enough time for testing (I hope!). So, are you ready to move your data to the Cloud? If you’re considering a business (i.e. a production environment) in the Cloud, you need to think about methods for backing up your data, a backup plan for your data and, eventually, restoring with Red Gate Cloud Services. In this session, you’ll see the differences, functionality, restrictions, and opportunities in SQL Azure and On-Premise SQL Server 2008/2008 R2/2012. We’ll consider topics such as how to be prepared for backup and restore, and which parts of a cloud environment are most important: keys, triggers, indexes, prices, security, service level agreements, etc.

BI / Data Platform

Alex Whittles - Using PowerPivot and DAX to win Fantasy F1
How do you select the optimal team line-up to beat your mates at fantasy Formula 1? With over 1/4 million combinations of team and drivers and a complex points scoring scheme, your odds aren't much better than a lottery.
In this session we'll walk through creating and using a PowerPivot model which will tell you the optimal team line up, and guarantee you eternal glory as a braniac petrol head. And become a PowerPivot and DAX pro in the process

James Boother - Introduction to Power BI websites
We have all heard about the presentation frameworks within PowerBI but how much do we know about how to work with Enterprise data in Office 365 PowerBI? In this session we will explore the connectivity of Enterprise data with Power BI dashboards presented to users within an Office 365 tenants, there will be plenty of explanation of the presentation frameworks such as PowerView, PowerQuery and PowerMaps along the way.

Alessandro Recino - BigData for SQL DBA's
SQL, NoSQL and Pseudo SQL. How can you leverage existing SQL skills when approaching BigData?
This session will walk you through the differences and similarities between SQL, Hive and HBase, how to approach them coming from a SQL background and how to choose the right component for the right task.

Sameer Parve (Co-Presenter : Blesson John) - Business Insight: Structure data in Relation Databases
All the buzz words - Big Data , HDInsight, HADOOP, blob storage- would have gone past your ears many a times.

What do they mean to your business and IT infrastructure? How can you manage the tons of data that is landing/could be landing into your infrastructure?

Are you still able to make intelligent business decisions using your existing tools? Wait a minute! We have the answer to your business and infrastructure issues around big data, cloud storage and writing queries to join structured and unstructured data.

It is all made easy through Microsoft's Analytics Platform System (Previously known as PDW). Join us @SQL Relay to know more about these buzz words.

1) SMP vs MPP
2) APS Microsoft's MPP solution
3) Basic info on Hadoop
4) APS integration with cloud storage(WASB) and HADOOP
5) Couple of customer use cases for HADOOP/WASB.

Matt Dowle - Fast and Flexible Data Wrangling with Data.Table in R
The talk will give an overview of R and data.table to complete beginners from basic queries through to advanced topics. Familiarity with base R is an advantage but not required.

The package provides an enhanced version of data.frame (essentially a columnar database table) including fast aggregation of large datasets, fast ordered joins, fast add/modify/delete of columns by group using no copies at all, list columns and a fast file reader: fread(). Although the speed benefits are greatest on large datasets (1GB - 100GB) many also use it on small datasets for its brief and flexible syntax. data.table is often used together with Microsoft SQL Server.

First released in 2008, data.table continues to grow in popularity. 44 CRAN and 14 Bioconductor packages now depend on data.table. Its Stack Overflow tag has over 1,600 questions from users in many fields. The contributors to the project tend to be from Genomics and Finance, where large and ordered datasets are researched.

Parking: There are limited NCP car parks in the area.

Just a couple of minites walk from Victoria tube station, on the Victoria line.

Address: Cardinal Place, 80-100 Victoria St, London SW1E 5JL

Registration: Please register your place using the Eventbrite link.

Competitions: We will provide you with a ticket that also contains competition entry vouchers, which you can put in sponsors' bowls during the day to win some great prizes! Please make sure you cut these out prior to getting to the venue or there will be a big queue for the scissors!

Food: We'll be providing a light lunch, plus tea & coffee at a couple of breaks. We will be catering for vegetarian food, according to your food preferences during registration.

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